Local Artists & Craftsmen

Musical Artist, Artist, Author
186 County Road 255 Athens TN 37303 Work Phone: 423-744-8323 Cell Phone: 423-506-0004
Categories: Author, Choir, Country, Folk, Gospel, Household Art, Journalist, Music, Non-Fiction, Occupational Arts, Wood Working, Woodworking, Written Arts
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511 Woodward Avenue Athens TN 37303 Cell Phone: 423-507-3122 Home Fax: 423-745-2421
Categories: Bluegrass, Choir, Country, Music, Pop, Vocalist
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Musical Artist, Verbal Artist
P.O. Box 472 Etowah TN 37331 Cell Phone: 423-507-3320 Website: Website
Categories: Bluegrass, Choir, Gospel, Joke Telling, Music, Old Time, Rock, Spiritual, Storyteller, Verbal Arts, Vocalist
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