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Visual Artist
Home 302 W. Bank Street Athens TN 37370 Cell Phone: 423-435-4431 Website: Lisa Bell Studios
Categories: Collage, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Photo Printing, Photo Restoration, Photography, Visual Arts
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Household Artist, Visual Artist, Actor
Home 146 Myers Road Tellico Plains TN 37385 Home Phone: 423-253-2273
Categories: Actress, Author, Embroidery, Household Art, Mixed Media, Needlework, Other, Painting, Verbal Arts, Visual Arts, Written Arts
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Occupational Artist
Home 261 Spring Creek Road Delano TN 37325 Home Phone: 423-263-9856
Categories: Jewelry Making, Mixed Media, Occupational Arts, Oil Painting, Other, Painting, Visual Arts, Water Color
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Photo of Marie Spaeder Haas
Visual Artist Spaeder Haas Gallery
Home 418 Copeland Road Ocoee TN 37361 Cell Phone: (814) 464-3753 Website: Spaeder Haas Gallery
Categories: Drawing, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Visual Arts
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