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Together we can make a difference in generations to come by preserving nature, culture, and history.
The Tennessee Overhill Association does everything we can to help these efforts,
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The Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association’s (TOHA) mission is to promote and preserve the natural and cultural resources of McMinn, Monroe, and Polk counties through cultural tourism.
TOHA’s cultural tourism program is designed to:
Increase visitation to the region
Your donations help us with advertising, promotional materials, events & planning, and development efforts that help attract new people to the area.
Act as a catalyst for economic development
Your donations directly help us build our local economies. As we bring awareness to the area and educate people on all the things to do here, it attracts new people which, in turn, helps local businesses and the economy.
Serve as a tool to educate visitors and residents
One of our primary goals is to educate visitors about things to do in the region as well as highlight all the cultural tourism aspects of the area to new people finding us online. Your donations help us maintain an up to date website and online presence.
Build local capacity
We strive to educate people on everything there is to do in this region in the hopes of forming a strong community based around a shared interest.
Support preservation efforts
Your donations help us contribute to preservation efforts in our region. We believe that history and our culture must be preserved, and we do everything we can to be a part of those preservation efforts.


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What People Are Saying

This was a very beautiful drive. It had a lot of overlooks and the trees were very beautiful. We also rode over to Joyce Kilmer Forest. This was a very nice hike and was amazing to see all the older trees. I would advise to take a bathroom break before the trip across the mountain.

Road trip

Linda, NC.

Incredible drive through the Cherokee National Forest. Lots of hiking, waterfalls and mountain streams. Areas of the skyway are rather curvy, so beware. Some like to speed through this area either in road rally’s or on motorcycle. Have seen several severe accidents.
A MUST visit for all the beauty!

Unbelievable beauty

dbauman, TN

We were surprised at how beautiful this route is. Sadly, our trip was cut short from annual undergrowth burning. We will definitely come back this way.

Gorgeous views

Mike, AL.

Nice smooth road that’s a lot of fun with beautiful sights. There’s plenty of pull offs for photos and small hikes and it makes a really nice scenic drive.

Awesome road and view


We were in town to view the fall foliage. We hit it just right. This drive is magnificent. Several viewing sights along the way. Take advantage of all if possible.


Bruce, MS.